Friday, February 20, 2009

Brayden's 1st Crush

Karyn came into Brayden's life.

The story goes like this...

Our church has a bulletin. Some one from the church has been updating the prayer requests for our family. The prayers requests from the church body are posted in the bulletin.

Several months ago, the insert said that we trying to find respite care for Brayden. A couple of days later, I found a message from a gal named Karyn. She saw the bulletin, called the church and got our contact information.
I called her back hoping not to sound to eager.
Karyn came out to our house (she lives around Fairfax and we live in Waterford, it is a bit of a haul to us). She offered to help out with Brayden while we were looking for our full-time person and she was searching for her perfect job.
Brayden immediately took to Karyn, showing off all of his tricks. He was extremely comfortable with her.
Brayden was happy. Mommy was happy. Karyn is a nurse and has had experience in pediatrics. I felt comfortable leaving Brayden under her care.
The past few months Karyn has been staying with Brayden a couple of times a week. I have been able to run errands, attend Carter and Luke's school activities and just not have to drag Brayden everywhere.
Having Karyn with us was fantastic for not only Brayden but me as well. I have been struggling with the idea of Brayden having a care taker. I am a stay at home mom because I want to be. I never imagined having someone in my home. Karyn was a great transition for me. Starting with Karyn we knew that it was temporary and I was able to think ahead about having a full time person with us. In just a couple of weeks Brayden's full time care taker, Shari Jane, will be starting. I am getting more comfortable with having someone here for Brayden. I know that it will be great.
Karyn's last day with Brayden was yesterday. She found a great job, close to her home. Karyn found Brayden a funky rubber ball. Brayden's favorite color is pink because it is a color that he seems to be able to look at directly. He has not let go of the ball.
We are so thankful for the lovely Karyn.


the deKorne family said...

So happy and thankful for you. I can't imagine what a weight off your shoulders. Even going to the grocery store alone becomes lovely. :) Praying for the transition to the new one!

Devon said...

I'm so glad you have someone you trust. It seems like it is so hard to find someone to mesh with and that takes good care of your child--we have 24 hr nursing, so I know what it's like trying to find someone to help!

Shannon said...

What a wonderful girl and I love the photo. We are beginning the respite care hunt. I am very nervous. If you have any interviewing advice, I would really appreciate it.

Keri said...

Sad to hear Karyn won't be with Brayden anymore, but yet happy they shared what time they did have together. It makes a huge difference having someone that your child is comfortable with. For their sake and yours.

Hopefully Shari Jane will have a similar impact on Brayden. Wishing them a wonderful relationship.

Leanna said...

You brought tears to my eyes...only because I know what it means to have someone you can trust to relieve you for a short while so you can give your other child/children the attention you feel like you have deprived them of.

I'm glad she was there to help you transition!