Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to the Future

An 80s classic movie is Back to the Future. It was one of the first "grown up" movies I was allowed to watch. Michael J Fox, time travel and the Dolorean, could you ask for a cooler movie? The whole idea of going back in time is an interesting idea…

I just celebrated my birthday this past weekend. My grandmother always told me that as you get older, birthdays become more nostalgic; pondering the days of the past...she was right. With each birthday, time goes by faster and faster. I cannot believe that I am many years out of college, a wife and mother to three boys. How did this happen so fast?

I started thinking, if I could go back in time and talk to my college self, what would I say? Tell myself about my life to come; the places I will live, friends, Biffs to watch out for, my husband and children. Would I talk about the joys and hardships of the coming ten years? Would I tell myself about Brayden? If I did tell myself about Brayden would or could it change anything?

This time last year we could barely understand Brayden’s conditions. I thought that if I could fast forward the year then we would be in a place that we could handle the idea of having a special needs son. We would know what we needed to do for him and his limitations. We are not there yet. I really thought that this past year, things would be getting easier for Brayden and our family. The truth is things are getting more complicated. As he gets bigger, his problems are getting bigger. The blessing is that we love Brayden more each day and we are learning more goods things about him.

Part of life is not knowing what the future may bring. We cannot go back and change things in the past (I would not change anything). We cannot see in to the future.

It makes us trust in the Lord.


Andrea said...

Happy belated birthday! I so enjoy catching up on your blog.

Debbie said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Your perspective is so honest and spot on.